Chemical Cleaning

Advanced chemical metal cleaning solutions to increase and maintain the service life of your equipment

Chemical Cleaning We have high pressure, 18 mega ohm cold DI water and hot DI water final rinse systems for chemical cleaning of stainless, aluminum, titanium, nitonol, ceramic, plus plastic components. Our chemical cleaning process uses alkaline cleaners and solvent degreasers to perform degreasing with tank dipping or recirculating methods. This helps in improving the cosmetic appearance of parts and reduces the existence of undesirable residues. With reduced chemical wastes, our cleaning processes are environmentally safe as well.

Parts that contain high concentration of hydrocarbons and grease are effectively cleaned on our nitrogen purging systems, which limit oxygen reaction with hydrocarbons. We circulate isopropyl alcohol to dry parts and the dryness is verified to due point level of -40F. Nitrogen blankets in parts are verified using gauges before they leave our facility.

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