Mechanical Polishing and Graining

Advanced Electropolishing uses Mechanical polishing to enhance surfaces of stamped and ground parts

Mechanical Polishing and Graining

Our mechanical polishing services include sanding, graining, and bead blasting processes for abrading as well as enhancing machined part surfaces. Mild abrasives such as sand, fine glass beads, and buffing wheels are used to perform polishing. We can effectively remove scratches, pits, tool marks, mold marks, and other surface defects that may affect the component functionality. Surface finishes of about4 Ra micro-inches or lower can be produced through our mechanical polishing processes.

We perform orbital sanding and graining with coated abrasives to produce smooth, rough, as well as directional scratch patterns. Our bead blasting techniques provide uniform and consistent surface finishes, even on complicated part shapes. The abrasive media used is passed over magnets constantly to prevent ferrous contamination. We provide bead blasting in three different levels:

Mechanical Polishing and Graining
  • Matte finish
  • Semi-sheen bright finish
  • Ultra-smooth sheen silky finish

Mechanical polishing can be provided for redefining existing/old part substrates as well. Such refinishing services are provided upon specific customer requests.

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