Support Services

Advanced Electropolsihing provides customized cleaning procedures, bright dipping, packaging, and local pick up & delivery

Support ServicesAs a turnkey service provider, we perform varied supportive operations from clean room activities to vacuum packaging. Cleansing is customized for each part based on various factors such as part geometry and material prior to electropolishing or mechanical polishing. With class 1000 clean room facilities, we can execute different cleaning methods, including DI water rinsing, purified nitrogen drying, and oxygen cleaning. Our clean room also contains specialized nitrogen purge systems for vacuum packaging of finished parts.

We perform bright dipping on copper and brass substrates with stabilized peroxides to prevent tarnishing as well as surface corrosion. An excellent alternative to etching, our bright dipping processes are often used prior to painting or coating parts. For a uniform coating, we thoroughly clean brass parts to remove oil and grime.

AET also offers local pick up and delivery services in and around California. At our ISO 9001 compliant facility, each polished or passivated component is thoroughly inspected prior to packaging and delivery.

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